Monday, January 24, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

We watched Napoleon Dynamite as our latest family movie. As mentioned in the podcast, my oldest daughter really wanted to see it in the theaters but we never got around to it. It's available on DVD now. The cast isn't well known, the biggest "names" are probably Diedrich Bader and Tina Majorino but they do a credible job for a lower budget film that managed to generate $44 million in domestic box office gross revenues.

Looking at other reviews this film generates polar response in most viewers. They either love it or hate it. Our reaction was less drastic with a 2.5 star consensus rating.

This film is rated appropriately at PG. Most children under 10 won't get any parts of the movie. The humor and plot are definitely for older kids. Then again apparently most viewers over 30 don't get "it" either.

Apologies for the audio quality. We had a microphone malfunction and had to record using the internal PC microphone with the expected poor results.

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