Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Racing Stripes

Heidi, age 6, went to the movies last week with some friends and saw Racing Stripes. She eagerly spent a few minutes discussing it with me tonight. Those of you that have been listening to the other podcasts with Heidi as a contributor will be amazed that she didn't call this the "best movie ever."

Racing stripes stars the voice talents of Frankie Muniz, Mandy Moore, David Spade, Steve Harvey, Dustin Hoffman and a bunch of other big names. Hayden Panettiere is the live actress who rides Stripes.

Heidi gave Racing Stripes a 3 star rating. There just wasn't enough action in it for her but she did think there were a lot of funny parts. Judging from her reaction it's targeted at the 6-11 year old crowd.

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